Monday, April 27, 2009

site chosen

dear dave,

It was a busy sunny hot weekend (fun!), and on Sunday, hx and I trekked to ARTOMATIC 09 (1st of many journeys) to pick my wall. Found a a good spot on the 7th floors (ALL VIBES pointed to this being THE floor to be on). Chose something very different then last year, for obvious reasons. Hopefully this will be more visible, and won't suddenly be blocked by some monstrosity at the 11th hour. (so much angst about that still!)

(I wish I could link to a post that I wrote about all this last year, but I didn't actually write about it. I'm still bothered that my terrific space and art was ruined by a "3D" artist on the last day of set-up)

Anyway, only the 8ft option was available, but I think that suits me just fine. Now the pressure is on to print before deadline (and before the studio shuts for a few weeks) I feel the pressure.

Made some fun shirts for my nephews, and like the flow I'm in. Want to continue with that, and ride the wave.

Pissed that dan was a no show on Saturday for our photo shoot. Sucked. Other options seemed to have fizzeld also. I think I need to let that go for a bit. But I secretly dont want to at alllllllll.

I need to make a list. I have a lot of ideas, and little time. Feeling the heat. Last night I woke up in hte middle of the night, and panicked. What am I doing with this branddave business? How will I survive. I don't have answers, and that keeps me awake at night.

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