Friday, April 3, 2009

Love, etc

dear dave,

I'm sucking down brownies that Hex and I made last night.

I have to share this tidbit - because I LOVE it. We took them out of the oven, and hex suggesting adding morsels to them (which I thought meant sprinkling chocolate chips on the top) I wanted none of it, they are rich enough, so we decided he could do half.

When I came back to have one, I realized what he had meant. The brownies were cut into pieces, and each piece had a single chip carefully place on top. Sooooo cute. I wish I took a picture. I love you hexy!


Yesterday, talking to MJM, he mentioned a new Pet Shop Boys song. Just like before, I am the last to know. So I quickly downloaded it, with all the remixes, and JAMMMMMMMMMED out. I can't even relate what new PSB's songs do to me. The remixes get in my blood. I LOVE how they pull little pieces of the melody and lyrics and reinvent them into multiple other songs. But they all relate, they all have the same blood and bones. And have to be heard together.

Needless to say, I LOVE this concept, and I love how they do it. I always loved how Polo and Bruce Weber did this in advertising too. I love doing it in my own work. The art of the remix. perfection!

After finishing this post, and reading it back, I'm noticing how much I use the word Love. Hmmm, PSB's song is called Love, etc. Could not be coincidence.

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