Wednesday, April 15, 2009

dear dave,

It's a new day. Hopefully, after a few days in the dumps, I can pull myself out, and be creative and productive, and feel accomplished.

The past few days have been such downers, with dark skies and lazy anxious feelings. All I have wanted to do is wait things out, and sit tight. Clenched. Introverted.

Its still very rainy out, but my taxes are done, it's wednesday, and I feel free (ish). Time to make a new break. Work. And reach out.

Meeting with CCK tomorrow morning, and feeling nervous. Anxious to hear back from C.S., but its not looking promising. Sucks. There was major potential there. Also have a photo shoot planned for later in the afternoon.

Feeling mixed about the website. How to improve. Poor FREEHAND has taken a backseat. I need to revise and revamp that. I'm not comfortable with how it's turned out. And I need to make more shirts. On better shirts. And work on my book. And prepare for Artomatic! Lots to do.

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