Wednesday, December 23, 2009

dear dave

made a quick to-do list this morning. Probably a good thing, because I have been a little "off" the past few days. Forgot my wallet at home, forgot my bag at work, and got on METRO going in the wrong direction. Just a few examples.

Forgot to get Lee his shirts (shorts according to my iphone auto correction) which I'm most annoyed at myself for. Time to buckle down a bit.

Cold and icy morning. The sidewalks have not been cleared of snow, so walking is treacherous. I'm really sick of wearing my gym shoes everywhere. And a hood. Looking forward to warmer weather, and more light. Spring is NOT just around the corner, but at least its on the horizon!

Now that the corcoran is closed, I have time at my desk to pull new things together. I'm excited to draw more, and work on my site. And concentrate on more shirts, and selling them. So much potential! I just need to see it through.

Also, I have plans for a BRANDDAVE 2009 blog wrap-up. It was a big year for me, and I want to record all the highs and lows.

For now its on my to-do list. My wonderful to-do list.

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