Monday, December 21, 2009

dear dave,

snowy weekend turned everything upside down, and inside out.

Worked a bit yesterday, finishing the framing on prints I managed to get done over the week. Saturday class was cancelled, and may be made-up on the 9th. Maybe a good chance to get another print in. We'll see.

Mixed emotions. The snow made things more muddled. It was nice to have the time off, but I never use it wisely. It's past now, but I feel regretful. And I'm feeling that separation anxiety again.

Feel kind of lonely sitting here. It would be easy to take a wrong turn, and waste my time. I'm doing that A LOT lately. I need to learn some lessons, and make better choices. I walked up the METRO escalator this morning. Maybe that's my start.

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Thomas said...

:) i feel the same way....i never use my snow days wisely