Thursday, December 24, 2009

dear dave,

sitting here at the studio, crunching on Snyder's pretzels in my big giant coat, surfing all my favorite sites. A perfect time to look back, and think about the future:

It's been a big year of change for me. Working totally on my own, moving apartments, developing my artwork, starting up my Freehand line, photographing nudes, building my website from nothing, putting together a one-man-show at the Studio, caring for my mother, and seeing friendships grow and change. I'm super proud of all that I have accomplished.


Discovering how EASY iweb is, and making my site. What a revelation! I really really love the control I have.

Working with Dave K. Funny, because I didn't see how great he was at first. His height was impressive, giving him a real presence, but I didn't realize until later, when he came for an ARTOMATIC shoot, how cool he was. Hard to explain, but when you find a muse, you know it. I really love working with him, getting to know him, and seeing him grow.

Making GULL. A printing turning point, because I was able to really see the potential in printing on wood.

ARTOMATIC. A great sales success, and a terrific experience all around for exposure and development. Probably the greatest thing I take away from it though was presenting the nude photos as a counterpoint to the prints. Shooting those was such a highlight, and I will feel forever in debt to my (still) anonymous model. SO - MUCH - FUN!! I must do more. Funny, because until this moment, writing this, I haven't had the impulse to do more of it, but now I do!!

Finding my clothes rack. So cool, so me, and so free. A great way to show shirts at the studio, an all-around super thing!

Making shirts & shooting them. This has been by far the most fun thing Ive been doing. I've only just begun! Every single aspect I love - drawing, making the shirt, finding models, shooting, editing, and laying out the site. Such a blast. Can't wait for warmer weather to continue on.

One-man-show. Although this will always bring bad memories of Hex's call about his friend Ted, I had a great time organizing this show, and sharing all my new work. A good experience, and a big chance to grow.

Baked & Wired. What a great and successful run. I'm so happy I got the chance to show work there, and come in contact with so many great people. A bittersweet ending, but a terrific experience.

Pet SHop Boys (YES). This has fueled me all year. I just love it, and it's been instrumental in all my creative endeavors in 2009.

2010 will be another year of growth, but struggle too. I'm happy to have (sort of) found my creative way, but part 2 will be EXPOSURE / MARKETING / & SALES!! I'm excited to see what will happen, and confident that I will find success. I'm doing what I love, and am so blessed to have that chance.

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