Thursday, December 10, 2009

dear dave

one day just flows into the next. It's either 11am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, or bedtime. All continuous benchmarks for my day.

I get to work late, start something, eat lunch, struggle to get print stuff pulled together, get to the corcoran, print a bit, then go home. Ok - not all that bad, but I feel like I'm locked into this schedule because I'm trying to get stuff printed before the studio closes.

I'm stalling on signing up for the spring, because of money. At some point I'm going to magically decide it's the right moment, and just do it. I just hate spending -- anything.

Working on some print pieces for Alison. Need to pull together some stuff for Dave tomorrow (although its COLD, and I have that thing at Noon, and shirts wont be here until tomorrow). All strikes against me.

It's cold out, so I skipped my Home Depot trip. Hope that was a good choice. I'm thinking all the way to Monday. Everyday from now to then is scheduled.

Snowman sale Saturday. Studio visit tomorrow. Ch-ch-ch-changes....coming.

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