Monday, December 28, 2009


dear dave,

the food I've allowed myself to eat the past few days is disgusting. Not long ago I I was too concerned about my health to even eat a slice of pepperoni pizza. Ok, maybe it's been longer then "not too long ago".

I was at a reception for Hex's parents, and there were wrapped mints (sugar puffs) on the table, and I could not stop eating them. Thankfully, I felt sick to my stomach driving home. My body told me it had had enough SUGAR for the year, and so hopefully I will be making changes. Its IMPOSSIBLE to stop altogether, especially with a boyfriend. It just is. But hopefully I can get back on the moderation wagon. I feel like a slug!


Nice to be back to work, and feeling free to do whatever. A blessing I know. Working on site, and hopefully drawing ALOT. Seriously need new content.

Big change still simmering on back burner, but hopefully it will come together (go Tom!)

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